Questions to Ask Yourself When Setting Up Ecommerce

For years now e-commerce has been continuously evolving and transforming the shopping experience. It isnt to say that brick and mortar stores are necessarily on the decline, but rather innovative bells and whistles have been added to the industry. If you had mentioned the term e-commerce to anyone a few years ago, the majority would have answered with, “Oh its like Ebay and Amazon” or “Its online shopping.” The fact of the matter is that trying to compare it to anything else is only going to be relevant for that particular time period.

With the release of every new technology, a new way to attract and retain customers is simultaneously born. Try explaining to someone before the introduction of smart phones and tablets, that one day they will be able to buy products not only from the comfort of their own PC at home, but also in public transport, while waiting for an appointment at the doctors office, or even on a treadmill at the gym. And with the recent introduction of wearable technology such as Google Glass among others, the e-commerce experience and shopper behavior is only going to further evolve.

When e-commerce first began to take off, typically the shopper would order a product online and wait four to six weeks for it to arrive. Today that model has been reversed. Individuals preview a number of different products on a number of different devices, reserving or buying online but picking the product up in person. It is killing two birds with one stone so to say. The shopper looks at merchandise when its convenient for them without having to take time out from their schedule to visit a store, not to mention eliminating the shipping and handling process completely.

Questions, Questions, Questions

If you are a retailer who is reading this, naturally you are concerned, quite discombobulated, and have many questions in respect to how you will keep up with the never ending cycle of technological advancements and fluctuating shopper behavior:

Am I effectively engaging my target audience and how much should I invest in it?
Am I getting the most use out of my customer databases?
How can I predict customers behavior?
How can I offer customers the products they want but werent aware of the fact until they were shown to them?
What can I do to improve my online business visibility?
How user friendly is my on-line platform?
How can I increase the number of visitors to my site and keep them there for longer than 10 seconds?

Who holds the key?

The best ally a retailer of any product can have against volatility in todays market is a reliable technology partner who is constantly informed about the changing market trends and is always able to offer the right solutions at the right time, before it is too late! There is a reason for the saying, “Knowledge is power.”

Ecommerce and client orientation.

How to combine two terms?

The rapidly transforming industry makes a retailer confront the issue of how to stay relevant and keep pace in such situation. Moreover new tendencies and technologies that appeared recently the entrepreneur pay more attention to client orientation of their services. For example would you really buy new iPhone or MacBook if you had to lose half an hour of your expensive time while searching on their tangled website? I bet that you wont. Thats why Apple services is extremely client oriented and even intuitive. As you may notice from your personal experience this approach works for both small firms and international enterprises. Isnt it sweet when you come to a coffee shop next to your door and the barista knows which syrup you like the most in your latte? It is easy to focus business philosophy on the clients needs when online shopping is not an option for your business. But now the status quo has changed.

So what is the most challenging point of eCommerce client orientation? To fit demands of the client you definitely should think of device diversity that is in every-day use. Think of it: even if your website is profitable, at some point your user will stand up from his PC and move along with his smartphone or tablet in hand thats where all the troubles start for you. The chinese say: A good client doesn’t change shop in three years, a good shop doesn’t change clients in three years. So lets see what is the best option for you to follow. OmniChannel is the key to your clients heart and wallet. One of the ways to explain OmniChannel is: cross channel being done well. But real OmniChannel goes well beyond this definition its not only understanding of customer needs its predicting of what your user has in mind. Allow customers to own their data and experience, then give them the ability to use it to guide creation and context of every future experience and youll reap the harvest of your efforts.

Graham Gibson, Of Central Coast Nutraceuticals Speaks Out On Ftc Charges

This past Friday, I had the opportunity to speak to Graham Gibson, of Central Coast Nutraceuticals , who is the target of a FTC investigation charging, among other things, with deceptive advertising and consumer fraud. He had reached out to me that day, wanting to make sure that his side of the story was told. I have to admit that at the time I wasnt sure I wanted to call him before the FTC revealed its case against him. Weve seen the press releases every time some peddler is charged with a crime, they all say the same thing they didnt do this, they didnt commit these crimes, they didnt defraud consumers, the FTC has it all wrong. So, while I was going to call him eventually to get his side of the story, I wasnt in any hurry. Im glad I called because Mr. Gibson has a real story to tell, and strange enough doesnt completely deny the charges against him and his company.

Central Coast (BBB “F” Rating Here) sells Nutraceuticals which is a made up word for diet and supplement related products that fall under a wide-berth of products from stuff to flush out your rear-end to berries that make you constantly erect supposedly. They are not to be confused with Neuticals, which are a brand of testicle replacement for Dogs. The comapny should also not be confused with Central Coast Pharma which Gus from Psych works for. For while they employed over 150 people in Phoenix Arizona and were one of the top suppliers of Acai related diet products. The model at one time was pretty simple people would sign up to get a free trial, paying only a small fee for shipping and handling. After they received the product, a large percentage wouldnt return it or cancel the subscription and thus be charged on a monthly basis for the product to be sent to their home, regardless if they actually took the product, or wanted it. Ive covered this model, often called continuity marketing or negative option marketing.

Gibson told me that on Tuesday, August 10th, he was raided by the FTC along with a group of Federal Marshals, local police and attorneys following a two year investigation of the company that included numerous interviews with his employees, customers and advertising partners. He was presented with a very large packet of materials that detailed the accusations and accused him and his company of a variety of things from consumer fraud to deceptive marketing to being the guy on the grassy knoll. Lets put it this way: on Tuesday you would rather be the subject of a pigmy porn film than be in Mr. Grahams shoes. Despite this, Mr. Gibson on the phone was very contrite, honest and REALLY wanted to share his side of the story.

According to Gibson, he had already taken steps to change his business and was on the front line of making changes to the industry. He had already settled with the Arizona State Attorney General a year earlier and for almost two years had changed his business model, had taken steps to be fully compliant and even hired FTC experts to advise him on what was legal, legit and compliant. The charges the FTC were accusing him were from over two years earlier, and many of those issues had already been fully resolved and that some of the specific complaints were from customers that had already been refunded. I run one of the most honest businesses in the industry, claimed Gibson and have even been working the last year on an organization that would help other companies in the industry compliant. The FTC is trying to make an example out of us, because we were one of the leading companies in this part of the industry. There are ads all over the place that are much worse.

Mr. Gibson then made it clear that he felt the industry was rife with fraud and deception. He pointed out that currently there are tons of ads on mainstream sites like MSNBC through ad networks such as Pulse360 that make obviously misleading claims. He pointed out that if you go to those sites, you will get tons of links to fake blogs or flogs, a practice that according to him, he did not allow. It was very clear that while he accepts some of the responsibility, he changed his practices 18 months ago but even then many of the issues came from his advertising partners. Mr. Gibson even went as far to call himself a victim of the scummy practices of affiliate marketing companies and their partners. He points out that you can go to many major properties right now and see really deceptive advertising that is promoting both direct response companies and sometimes major brands without the explicit consent of the advertiser. He is very honest about his complaint: that no matter what he did, display and affiliate networks would consistently violate his instructions over and over again.

Whether or not you believe Mr. Gibsons story, he brings to light the issue that we have all talked about. In our industry, who is responsible for the actions of publishers, affiliates, websites, ad-networks? Every time the New York State, California or Florida Attorney General goes after the dozen or so Scam Kings we hear the same thing coming out of their mouths: we werent responsible, it was rogue partners Its the same type of deniability we hear in organized crime trials. Perhaps there are some companies that genuinely are not responsible, but at what point when month after month, year after year when your partners are committing fraudulent practices, can you continue to pretend to know nothing? If someone is generating millions of dollars in revenue, are we really to believe that you are clueless how? Those in the industry who have been around as long as I have all know that this deniability is often nothing but complete nonsense. Do I honestly believe that Mr. Gibson never knew that his affiliates and ad networks were doing questionable things? Probably not. However, I do believe that at one point he made it clear after being sued by the AZ Attorney General that these practices should stop and found that many of his partners just kept on promoting his product anyway they pleased not caring if they burned him.

For those that dont know, this week is the Affiliate Summit in New York, gathering of all sorts of performance based marketers. Affiliate Marketing, while at one time was the realm of Amazon readers recommending to friends what books to buy and getting a commission from this, has turned into something else. The idea that the industry is hundreds of thousands of affiliates making money for companies is incorrect. Anyone who is in this industry knows that often even on the CPA/Affiliate networks it is just a few people, often less than 1% of the applicants who actually make the money for the network. Yes, there are great opportunities for anyone who wants to be innovative and in long hours to make a great living in this industry and a large part of Affiliate Summit and the affiliate industry is based on that, providing real services. Still, there is a huge part of the industry that is only about making the quick buck, screwing the consumer, hurting the client, and then moving on. How many times do we need the same scummy players in our industry brought into court for participating in the same scummy acts?

Here is what is going to happen, if we dont make the changes industry wide and refuse to work with these companies. The FTC and various Attorney Generals will rightly continue to go after anyone involved with these schemes, scams and devious practices. Unfortunately in these suits, sometimes innocent people, such as affiliates who may not know better will be hurt. Advertising networks that just take the advertisements and pretend not to know what is happening on the back end will be named in these suits (as they have already). Great companies will be harmed because they are part of the same industry, because they have a similar product, no matter how legit they might be. As is already happening, companies like Facebook will continue basically ban affiliate networks, ban performance based marketing. If you didnt know, Facebook over a year ago banned display ad networks on their site, after testing them, and finding an overwhelming amount of complaints based on viruses, popups and other issues. Now not a single display network can be involved with Facebook because of the actions of a few ad networks. More and more companies in the future are going to follow Facebook. With news coming out in the media of reputable marketers hacking Google and major dating sites spamming Craigslist, it is no wonder that more and more companies are banning outside advertising.

What needs to be done to wake us up enough that we pay attention to the immense fraud in our industry? Do we need to wait until the FTC requires all marketers to have licenses and pass ethics exams? Do we need background checks? If we do not wake up now, the FTC, the government will take action and force us to make changes. Until then, expect me doing more and more interviews with marketers who businesses have been shut down by the government.

Affiliate Marketing Network Program- 5 Steps To Get Stable Affiliate Marketing Income.

Affiliate marketing network program – in affiliate marketing you at want to get stable affiliate marketing income. This article describe 5 steps to get steady flow checks from affiliate marketing programs.

No matter what kind of affiliate marketing you have, you will want to be one of those on the way to building a stable affiliate income.

There are actually ways on how to build a good and sound affiliate marketing income. So if you are committed to this business, read on and learn.

1. Identifying a practical market niche. Try to identify the niche market you want to focus on. While there are a lot of those out there, not all are easy to infiltrate. More often than not, you will end up losing more money than gaining some in the first place.

2. Find a stable affiliate program that offers the niche market you want. Search over the internet for this program. Make sure that you find the company that helps their affiliates through advices and tools needed for affiliate marketing. These are the types who wants your success over anything else.

3. Have your own site and create a newsletter with content-rich information that focuses on your niche market. A website is necessary in affiliate marketing. This is where people will go when they find what your offering interesting. This is also where you can tell them about other features of your business.

4. Make sure your target audience gets to your site and get them to sign up for your newsletter. You can do this by trying to differ from the way other people are advertising their affiliate marketing. Be unique. Think of creative ways to make people go to your site and check you out.

5. Get them to buy from you. The ones going to your affiliate site should be ready to buy from you. Present them with an offer they will find tempting so they will not be able to resist.

There are a lot of sites you can look into that are offering affiliate programs. Take note that some of them are good and some are not. Do your research so you can distinguish which ones will be best for you. If not, you are just wasting your time.

Below are some tips in finding a program that will give you the profit you have always dreamed of.

1. Look for one that is targeting your chosen niche market.

If your niche is about beauty products, you may want to give them tutorials on how to take care of their skin or body. Your products or services must be related to maintaining and preserving beauty.
It is also better if you can present testimonials from people who have used your products. This will give credibility to what is being presented.

2. Consider the commission you will be getting.

Sending an email to your list will cost you. Think of it this way. When you send an email, you send out a recommendation on some of the products offered. This is basically called an opportunity cost. So if you try to compute all that you have sent, that will be the cost you incurred.

Now, have those persons you emailed bought from you? If they did, then it was worth the advertising sent. But if not, that will be deducted from you.

Be certain that the commission offered to you justifies and makes up for the cost of advertising you went through. You would not want to be spending more on advertising than the amount of commission you are receiving. Make sure that it is fair enough.

3. Inspect the product yourself. Do not start recommending something you are not certain about. Try to least examine them to know if they are any good and worth recommending to others.

Affiliate marketing network program – in affiliate marketing you at want to get steady affiliate marketing checks. Follow this 5 steps and you will get steady flow checks from affiliate marketing programs.

Ideas In the direction of e-book Achievement -3 Tips eBook Success

Have you been additionally fantasizing regarding getting more lucrative inside your on the internet e-book business success? Nicely, its true which for individuals to purchase your item, you dont just market the actual e-book nicely. Furthermore essential would be to truly provide a superior quality e-book that will supply your visitors along with appropriate info. Should you provide them with a good e-book that has top quality, theyll continue arriving back, requesting much more items. Better still, theyd suggest you to definitely others such as their own buddies as well as family members.

Right now, apart from great marketing as well as appropriate info, theres also other activities that will help you equipment your web e-book company in the direction of achievement. Youre most likely wanting to learn more about this currently therefore here are some points you need to bear in mind:

Construct your own listIn the web advertising globe, its been frequently stated how the cash is within the actual checklist. Exact same applies to your web e-book company. If you wish to be prosperous, you need to get in touch with an extensive range of individuals. You need to be in a position to be as well as your company popularly recognized. Therefore, you should possess a checklist where individuals voluntarily supplied their own titles as well as e-mail handles. In the event that youll be able to obtain particulars within an honest method, youll be able to market for them. In the event that much more individuals choose into your own checklist, youll have elevated product sales as well as greater earnings as well.

Provide freebiesWho doesnt would like giveaways? In order to bring about the actual attention associated with increasing numbers of people, you need to provide them with a few giveaways as well. You are able to possibly provide them with having a useful brief e-book free of charge actually prior to these people buy your own item. This can make sure they are interested in the particular item. Or even, you are able to provide them with bonus deals that are bundled up using the e-book that youre promoting plus they could possibly get this particular following purchasing.

Usually develop some thing newTo keep your current clients you have and also to actually motivate much more individuals to turn out to be thinking about your company, you need to continuously develop brand new points. This can be a brand new item or possibly a brand new promotional that could get the interest of individuals.

Along with individuals 3 ideas, it is possible in order to accelerate the right path in the direction of achievement inside your on the internet e-book company

An Overview of Services of Web Hosting in Dubai

Services of Web Hosting in Dubai helps a business host its new
website with an expertise. These services allow their client companies
to work with flexibility with the latest technologies like Python, PHP,
XML and MySQL.

Web development in Dubai has been made easier with
the help of new technologies and advancement, the credit for which goes
to the service of Web Hosting in Dubai. These services have some
effective tools to help make the web development easier, simpler and
more effective for their clients. In short, these services make to be a
quality help and a reliable advisor with their budgeted platform. Hiring
them can immensely help you in taking your website towards a success by
driving lots of traffic to it. Though many people overlook the benefits
of these professional services often, a big population has started
hiring them to gain the best returns for their money and to make higher

It is absolutely not recommended to invest in a company
that has no capabilities to give you the appropriate returns for your
money and fulfill your desires. Thus, it is suggested that you hire the
webmasters for your help and free yourself from all the risks of making
wrong decisions and facing any haunts in the future. Mentioned here are
some tips to help you find a good web hosting company in Dubai:

Research: Getting good results need exercise especially when you are
searching for services of Web Hosting in Dubai. Make sure that while you
make your search, you shortlist a few reputed names. Make a list of
some straight forward questions and ask them to the shortlisted company
directly. For example, what features does their plans have, what is the
storage space, how will they serve their clients with immediate
technical support, if they offer any trial period or money back
guarantee with their services or no, what is their uptime record etc.
These questions will make things clear in front of you enabling you to
have a clear picture of the company and its services.

2. Security
Services: Complaints regarding Internet theft and loss of data are
increasing. Thus, it is recommended that you hire a hosting service
which ensures safety of your data and all the information upon your
website. Also, do not forget to check what type of security are they
offering and how they will save you from the unauthorized users.
Brandevous Solutions is one name that you can hire in Dubai for the most
effective and renowned web hosting services and solutions.

3. Technical
Support: You are standing in a competitive market and thus, it is
highly important that your website is updated regularly and the content
over it, is the latest one. For this expertise, it is important that
your web hosting service provider serves you with an effective technical
support that is available around the clock.

Continuing strength of worldwide online shopping

There is increased level of sophistication as well as comfort amongst consumers who do online shopping. And these consumers cut across all age groups. In addition, the social media is being used by both consumers as well as retailers in order to drive brand awareness and promote worldwide online shopping. >

In fact, many feel that bricks and mortar shops will be gravely threatened by online shopping. Basically, the growth of online sellers is at the expense of these physical shops. Not to be missed is the fact that these shopping sites are keen to experiment with ways of using the internet. Many have introduced a virtual fitting room. Here, customers are able to try on digital representations of all those clothes they choose through getting their reflection in a virtual mirror that can be shared with friends too on Facebook. Next, the virtual mannequins are being tried out. All this indicates that a vast majority of retailers can counter the rise of worldwide online shopping by creating real strong internet options of their own.

Many of the brick and mortar retailers are trying to sell through social media. But the fact remains that people tend to visit social networking sites in order to socialise with their friends, and not to do worldwide online shopping.

Shopping by smartphone has become the latest in online shopping. It is quite clear that personal computing is going mobile. This is why people are buying more through online shopping with their smartphones.

The latest in worldwide online shopping is when you order online, but go to pay for it in a store. In fact, there are many free-riders who tend to come into well stocked shops in order to check out their products and to get some advice from helpful assistants. After that they buy them for much lesser online.

But it is not easy for many traditional retailers to succeed in this internet age. This is because they have to balance their investment between their staff, the locations, maintaining inventory as well as doing online operations. In case of expensive products, they need to have a low inventory, but do a much bigger investment in their showrooms, as well as have elaborate online operations along with well qualified and trained sales people. But in case of commoditised items, the retailers need to have a big inventory rather than having a flashy display of them in their showroom.

List Of Best Online Shopping Portals In India

Naming a Best Online Shopping Portal in India is as difficult task as naming the Best Businessman of the Year. A number of factors decide which one is the best. Starting from the design and simplicity of the online shopping site, to how products are branded and marketed online, to what offers and discounts are being offered and at what time of the year and what are the after sales services of the site. This is just an outline of how a certain online shopping portal can be termed as The Best.

If you go through various search engines, you will find a number of shopping portals circulating. Some of them are very famous ones like indiapalza, homeshop18, indiatimes shopping,,,,,, and so on. All of these feature the best brands and companies in name of products they sell. These can include any category clothes, fashion and accessories, gift items, kitchenware, hardware, computers, mobile, technology, jewellery, cameras, laptops, MP3 players, camcorders, books, health and beauty, kids and toys, home appliances and so on.

These online shopping stores are gaining popularity because of the schemes they run on which include Free Home Delivery and Huge Discounts on the products purchased. With increasing traffic jams and lesser time for working professionals, these are best places to shop on. When a particular Online Shopping Store is selected for the Best Portal, these advantages and offers are genuinely counted. Customers votes also play their role in making a portal reach the top ranking.

As per my shopping experience I term HomeShop18 as the best Online Shopping Portal so far. It is one of the best stores as per my shopping experience here. A venture of Network 18 Group, it has been awarded as the Best Workplaces 2008. Customer satisfaction too is above the satisfaction level. In terms of discounts, monthly and yearly offers and on-time home delivery, there cannot be a better place than Home Shop18. It has also been awarded at the Best Shopping Website by PC WORLD WEB AWARDS in the year 2008. With schemes like Buy a product and win assured prizes and sabki jeet pakki it is the favorite site among the customers. The most favorite feature of Home Shop 18 is Pay Cash on Delivery which is really popular with its customers. I suggest all those who havent checked in the website of Home Shop 18, should try this memorable experience of online shopping at least once!

Web design Sydney choosing between HTML and CMS web design

Whether you are a small company trying to start your business or, a large company trying to expand your business; if you are entering the online market, it is important to have a website that gives complete information about your company, and your products and services. Your website must be easy to understand and navigate in order to generate sales and business revenues for you.

Of the various aspects that need to be considered when designing and developing a website, the most important one is to choose between HTML web design Sydney and CMS web design Sydney. HTML and CMS are two web design concepts. The choice of the web design concept depends on the scope of the website and the particular needs and requirements of the website owner.

For simple websites that only require a few pages of information for the web users, one can use HTML web design. HTML web design option is recommended for websites that do not require daily updates and blog pages or advanced functionalities. Creating basic HTML web pages doesn’t cost much and allows the business owner to obtain its online objectives without spending much.

However, for a more complicated site, it is advisable to use CMS or content management system in creating web design Sydney. Websites that are powered by CMS are highly versatile and dynamic in nature. They allow website owners to easily alter the website content or add images and graphics on their own. Altering CMS web design Sydney is quite easy and doesn’t require any professional training in web designing and processing.

CMS website design Sydney is easy to maintain in the long run and is perfect for businesses where clients have lot of requirements and the market competition is extremely tough. CMS website design Sydney allows business owners to update their websites regularly and to stay ahead of their competitors in the market.

In order to take the appropriate decision and to get the best web design Sydney, it is recommended to hire professional web designers. Professional web design consultants would analyse your business and your online business goals and targets and based on that would offer you the best web design solutions and services. With the help of the professional web design company in Sydney, you would be able to get the best web design for attracting web users to your site and influencing them to buy your products or services.

For the best HTML web design services and CMS web design services Sydney, please log on to

Design Up has famous write on the topic Web Design Sydney

Building A Responsive List In Affiliate Marketing

Although I have mentioned that in my previous articles, I still like to mention it again. The money is in the responsive list of buyers. So building it effectively is one of the key requirements in building a long-term affiliate income.

If you have been in affiliate marketing for some time, you will understand that list usually starts with subscribers. Subscribers are people who will gladly give you their names and email addresses in exchange for your gift as in audio, ebook, video and even software. These will happen through a landing page which you can create out of either website template or blog.

If you treat your subscribers well by giving good quality content even in your gift, chances of them becoming your customers will be higher. That is another key requirement as your customers will share with the people they know and their friends will in turn subscribe to your list as well.

In the early days of internet, there was e-commerce. Most companies and business owners spend billions on advertising in major search engines.

With affiliate marketing, you do not have to spend billions or even thousands by the merchant whom you promote products for. The most you spend is a hundred or less on a web hosting account, domain name and autoresponder. Your job is just to search for a market to promote in exchange for commission.

Unlike offline and traditional businesses, you do not have to buy leads or databases to build a list. Those methods are considered inappropriate by most affiliate marketplaces and should not be practised.

The key to building good quality list is driving laser-targeted traffic to your sites. And to do that, you need to build a solid reputation be it your product or the way you promote merchants products. But if you are a newbie, this will take some time in doing so.

That brings me back to the topic of traffic. How big and good your list is how you drive them and even so, how much traffic your site receives daily. Having a high targeted traffic not only allows you to have more subscribers but potentially earn bigger income as well.

If the traffic is not high, you have to create a daily schedule and various traffic generation methods you should be implementing everyday to get traffic. Methods such as writing articles, blogs, classified advertising, forum posting, social media as in Facebook and Twitter and video marketing are most commonly used by gurus and top marketers alike.

If you are creating your own product, whether or not it appeals to the market boils down to two factors. One is your product and the other is how well you understand the market.

Your product choice is also crucial to every affiliate. If your product is proven in meeting the market needs and producing consistent sales, it will be much easier for affiliates to promote. Of course providing them with marketing tools like banners, ecovers, articles, ads and where to post them to will be even better.

Having a good understanding of the market and give exactly what it wants is what makes your product attractive and lucrative. To be able to deliver more than that will make you stand out from your competitors and not worried about market saturation.

Impact Of Facebook On Daily Life – Earn Money On Facebook

With more than 400 million users Facebook is by far the most used social media website all over the world. The importance of social media particularly Facebook is recognized by different organizations as well. Many companies have achieved great success in strengthening their relationships with their customers and also in generating more sales using Facebook. Not only companies but individuals today earn money with Facebook in different ways.

People today are so much addicted to social media networking websites particularly Facebook that they want to remain connected with their friends and family and for this reason they use different sources. Facebook is available on cell phones, handhelds, computers and laptops. People just cant live without it now. People previously use to write blogs and news to share their views on certain event or product but now with the evolution of internet numerous ways have evolved to make a certain impact about a product.

Facebook photo and video sharing

The photo and video sharing option of Facebook can actually make a lot of money for you. The Facebook patent “news-feed” is a remarkable source of sharing views and thoughts. People learn different things about their friends while reading the news-feeds. A recent concept that has just arrived is about making money through Facebook profiles. Facebook profiles are a creditable source for promotion, where normal people become marketers.

Creating Awareness

By smartly using your time on Facebook you can help companies in creating awareness about their products and thus earn money on Facebook.

Other techniques

If you want to learn more techniques to earn money on Facebook then log on to